About Phillip Gross

Professional Business Transcriptionist

I’m a driven person who enjoys a challenge. From figuring out how best to manage my time to coming up with solutions to make systems and processes more efficient, I enjoy coming up with new ideas and seeing them implemented. I especially enjoy figuring out how to make programs more accessible, which not only makes my job more efficient, but usually means making other people’s jobs more efficient.

I am responsible, analytical and logical and have a keen attention to detail. I evaluate the entire situation before making a decision, but once I’ve made it I don’t turn back. I am highly adaptable to new situations and am a fast learner who enjoys engrossing myself in a variety of subjects. When I tackle something, I tackle it head-on and make sure I finish the job.

To learn more about my professional background, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Phillip Gross – My Story

After having to take some time off from the workforce due to dialysis and receiving two kidney transplants, I re-evaluated what I’d done in the past career-wise along with what I hoped to accomplish in the future. A couple of things were clear to me: I couldn’t put my new kidney at risk by working in a crowded office (especially after COVID-19 hit), nor did I want to work for anyone else at this point in my life. I’d learned first-hand that life is fleeting, and after receiving a second chance at life I decided I needed to do something other than what I had been doing. I honestly just didn’t know what, though. According to my wife, I’m a pretty good listener (I couldn’t believe she’d said it, either), and due to using a computer for the majority of my life I’m a fast typer. And thus, transcription.

In 2021 I completed the General Transcription: Theory & Practice course provided by Transcribe Anywhere, and can’t wait to get started helping you achieve your business goals.

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Why Work With Me?

As someone who’s not only worked at a variety of businesses who who has also been a business owner himself, I understand the needs of businesses both large and small. I also understand the importance of transcription services. From helping with your SEO to helping with marketing materials to providing accessible content for those who may be deaf/hard of hearing, any business that produces audio or video can benefit from professional transcription services.


I’m a driven, aggressive person who enjoys a challenge. I pride myself on doing things correctly and on time.



  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Accessibility
  • Telephone Sales
  • Agriculture