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What Exactly is Business Transcription? Do I really need it?

Transcription Basics

See What You Said offers transcription services for business owners and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a social media personality, podcaster, YouTuber, tech startup, marketer, small business, or educator, I can help you See What You Said.

Do You Need Business Transcription?

Do you create video and/or audio content?

Would you like to extend the shelf life of your video/audio content?

Do you need help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Are your watch rates low on social media outlets such as Facebook and LinkedIn?


How Can Transcription Help Your Business?

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Help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Transcripts help a business with SEO. Search engine optimization is important to getting noticed by potential customers, and while might rank YouTube videos highly, Google doesn’t actually search video or audio content, especially if it comes from a source other than YouTube. Providing a transcript in your video’s description can not only improve your SEO results and rankings, it can also help improve your accessiblity for those who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Keep Track of Internal Goings-On

Internally, transcription services allow a small business to keep track of meeting minutes, text of interviews, etc. Need to know exactly what was said during that last meeting with that venture capital firm? A professional transcript can help. Need to keep track of board minutes to supply to other board members, v.c. firms, or potential investors? A professional transcript can help. Had a really awesome interview with a potential candidate via Zoom or Webex and the cat spilled coffee all over your notes? A professional transcript can help.
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Make the Most of Your Audio and Video Content

Many people don’t watch videos with sound or don’t have the time to watch a full video or listen to a podcast. In fact, according to LinkedIn, video content designed for silent viewing is 70% more likely to be viewed than content with automatic sound. A transcript lets businesses and entrepreneurs get the same information across in multiple formats, helping you make the most out of your audio and video content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcription?

Transcription is the act of listening to audio files/watching video files and putting the audio into a text-based format.

How Do I Know if transcription services are Right for Me?

If you create audio or video content of any kind, there's a good chance transcription services are right for you.  According to What's New In Publishing, streaming content grew 55% in 2020 and is now a $161.37 billion market. And fun fact: while 63% of marketers plan on using LinkedIn for video marketing in 2021, videos that have been optimized for silent viewing (meaning they've been transcribed/have accurate closed captioning) are 70% more likely to be viewed. Also, with the rise in webinars, digital events, and online education due to the pandemic, it's more important than ever that you're able to reach your audience and be as accessible as possible.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

Absolutely not! I love startups and entrepreneurs. Whether you're one person or a company of 1,000 (or more), I would love to help you with your transcription projects.

Do You Offer Ongoing Services?

Ongoing transcription services are always an option.